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Rhode Island
Army/Navy Store and
Military Surplus Suppliers

You can not beat the quality of military specification (MIL SPEC) clothing, equipment and outdoor gear. MIL SPEC products are designed to last for years. That's why Military Surplus has always been popular with THRIFTY Scouts, Scouters, Outdoorsmen and Campers.

Have you considered wearing solid color BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) pants and shorts, with REAL CARGO POCKETS, as part of your Scout Uniform?

Olive drab military clothing and gear is getting harder to find now, because many military organizations have switched to camouflage. Many Scouting Organizations discourage Scouts from wearing Camouflage. However, there is nothing wrong with wearing solid colored BDU that come in Olive Drab (green), Khaki (tan), Grey, Navy, Black or White, which do go well with Scout uniforms. To help people interested in solid color BDU's we have highlighted the addresses of any supplier offering them.

Click HERE to learn more about BDUs and to see how they compare to Official BSA Boy Scout cargo pocket pants and Nylon Zip-Off pants.


If you know of any more Military Surplus Suppliers that we can add to our listings, then please use our Guest Book to tell our webmaster about them. Please give us the business name, address, etc... also please tell us about any corrections that we can make to anything on our web site. Visitors like you can make this a better resource. Thank you for helping us to help others.

DISCLAIMER - We have no connection with these businesses. We simply provide these listings as a resource for Scouts and Scouters.

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List is Sorted by Town and City Names.


                  A A Armory
                  Fiskeville, RI 02823 TEL: (401) 828-6797


                  Army-Navy Surplus Depot
                  295 Connell Hwy, Newport, RI 02840-1057
                  TEL: (401) 846-0515

                  Newport Army & Navy Surplus
                  262 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840-6613
                  TEL: Toll Free: 1-866-336-4824
                  TEL: Within RI: (401) 847-3073
                  E-mail Them
                  Their Web Site


                  Thayer Street Army & Navy
                  279 Thayer Street, Providence, RI
                  TEL: (401) 272-8217


                  Uncle Sams Army & Navy Surplus
                  548 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, RI 02879-3610
                  TEL: (401) 782-2565



                  Olive Drab
                  76 Child Street, Warren, RI 02885-3208
                  TEL: (401) 247-1397

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